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                                                   Ruth Mossok Johnston

Owner of Feed Me Heartfully, LLC, Ruth Mossok Johnston is also a cookbook author and food journalist and current member of the Wayne State University Press Board.  She holds a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University and an M.A. from University of Michigan in addition to multiple management, educator and culinary certifications.

Johnston has been immersed in food and culinary arts since childhood when her father, Joe Mossok, owned a potato chip company in Detroit, Michigan.  Writing and experimentation, with a touch of Master Classes in food, rounded out her experiences.  Along a creative and diverse career path, she found her way to the kitchen and into food columns, onto television screens, reviewing restaurants, making guest appearances, recipe development, consulting, culinary education, publishing, and product development.

For the past 20 years, Johnston has concentrated on health, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. You can often find her testing and developing recipes for health-driven cookbooks in her 1840 Greek Revival farmhouse in Michigan with her artist husband, David McCall Johnston, two dogs, a cat, and not often enough, her children and grandchildren from Chicago.

Ruth is the Director of Prepared Foods for Hiller's Markets and just published her new book - The Art of Cooking Morels.

She is delighted to be involved with Challenge Mountain and the Chefs Challenge!